Past Projects

Community Landscape and Promising Practices Report on Gun and Gang Violence Prevention and Intervention


Joanna Matthews was contracted by Halton Region to create a Community Landscape and Promising Practices Report.

The report includes a literature review providing promising practices found to have evidence-based success, and an outline of how those can be adapted in a Halton context. The literature review further describes the risk and protective factors commonly associated with youth involvement in gang and gun violence, particularly those within a Halton context.

The report also contains an environmental scan to provide a better understanding of the youth crime prevention and intervention strategies that currently exist in Halton.

The report provides insights into promising practices, risk and protective factors, evidence-based interventions, and the importance of equity, diversity, and inclusion. By aligning with existing frameworks and leveraging community resources, Halton Region can effectively work towards building safer communities and preventing gun and gang violence through effective utilization of federal funding from Public Safety Canada.


Building Safer Communities in Halton Report including:

  • Literature Review: 100 sources cited
  • Environmental Scan
  • Online Survey: 45 organizations (79% response rate)
  • Key Informant Interviews: 30 interviews, 24 organizations, 5 sectors
  • Analysis and Summary
  • Committee Report Back and Validation
  • Report and Recommendation Development

Halton Region and Building Safer Communities Action Table utilized this report to support development of Request for Proposal and funding processes.