What We Do

The Collective Good Method

Collective Good Consulting provides consulting services to organizations in the not-for-profit, charitable, and community service sectors, and associated funders.

Our team of consultants has subject matter expertise in a wide range of areas. We use a variety of methods to achieve tangible results, including project management, organizational audits, situation-specific analysis, research and sharing of findings, strategic guidance and recommendations, solution-oriented project planning and execution, group facilitation, and stakeholder consultation. Written reports and oral presentations are also part of our process.

Services & Supports

Data Support and Outcome Measurement

Our consultants can provide support with quantitative and qualitative data analysis. We can assist with data collection strategies and analysis related to program or organisational outcomes.

End of Year Surplus Management

Our team can support planning and managing end of year surplus aligned with agency priorities and funding requirements, allowing agencies to optimize opportunities during busy times. 

Environmental Scans

We use our experience to complete detailed local, regional, provincial, national and global environmental scans. These scans provide timely information to support decision making and planning, including identifying best practices, growth or partnership opportunities. 

Evaluation Design

We design evaluation frameworks to assess the effectiveness of a program, project, or initiative. Our expertise enables organizations to collect and leverage data to evaluate performance and identify areas for growth.

Executive Leadership and Governance Support

We help Senior Leaders and Boards of Directors enhance their strategic advantage and refine leadership skills. We advise and support leadership teams by identifying optimal approaches to meet expectations.

Feasibility Studies

Feasibility studies are an important tool for helping registered charities or not-for-profits make informed decisions and plans. Our subject matter experts can conduct comprehensive studies and provide reports and recommendations. 

Grant/RFP Response and Reporting 

Our team can support your organization by preparing evidence-informed grant applications or requests for proposals. We can also help report on existing initiatives to obtain and sustain funding. 

Inter-Sector Service Alignment/Coordination

We can review and provide recommendations and implementation plans to support client-centred care by aligning and coordinating services between different sectors and organizations. 

Organizational Audits

We can uniquely scope and support organizational audits with reviews including equity, diversity and inclusion, contract and legislation compliance, quality improvement, performance, accreditation alignment, clinical services, leadership, system or community partnerships. 

Program Design, Development or Improvement

Our team possesses diverse expertise related to a variety of non-profit programming. We use implementation science, quality improvement and change management strategies to support organisations in designing, developing, improving and implementing nimble and effective programs.

Research and Best Practice Literature Reviews

Our Ph.D consultant can review existing research literature to identify best practices relevant to your sector. We can also provide support and recommendations on how to implement these best practices at your organization.

Social Enterprise Development

We support not-for-profit and registered charities that operate or wish to establish revenue-generating businesses. Our aim is to help organizations develop innovative, sustainable funding sources by providing plans based on market research and viability analysis.

Stakeholder Engagement

Our consultants are dedicated to creating tailored engagement strategies through a variety of activities. We approach engagement with a spirit of true collaboration, curiosity and innovation, creating spaces where stakeholder perspectives are invited, heard and honoured. 


We can help translate new knowledge or initiatives across the organization or community, including, but not limited to, project implementation, equity, diversity and inclusion, and executive leadership.

Our Philosophy

The art of the possible is our unique way of understanding what is truly possible and bringing it to life in a way that promotes sustainable and attainable outcomes. We approach our work with creativity, while understanding the contexts and diverse realities of our clients.

We take this work seriously, but not ourselves. We are focused, diligent and dedicated to our work and our clients, while maintaining a spirit of fun, levity and joy. Being approachable and building a genuine connection with our clients ensures the best possible results.

We look forward to bringing the art of the possible to you and your organization!

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