Past Projects

Current State Mapping of Ontario Health (OH) Central Region Mental Health and Addiction Coordinated Access


OH Central Region MH&A Advisory Committee, Coordinated Access Working Group


The Ontario Health Central Region Mental Health & Addictions Advisory Table created a working group called Coordinated Access to enhance fair access to the right Mental Health and Addiction care at the right time. They aim to implement a coordinated access system to MHA services in Ontario, aligning with the Centre of Excellence’s strategic priority.

The goal for this project was to create a standardized template to gather information, conduct interviews, analyze data, and provide feedback to Ontario Health (OH) Central Region for Mental Health and Addiction Coordinated Access.

The first step was to conduct a Current State Mapping, which was led by Joanna Matthews and Nala Sriharan. The mapping included the MH&A care continuum and lifespan in collaboration with OH Regions, Ontario Health Teams (OHTs), and Child and Youth Mental Health lead agencies.


A standardized collection template was created and data was gathered through key informant interviews. Interview subjects included mature access systems, OHTs, and Child and Youth Mental Health lead agencies. Standardized interview questions covered several domains, including service system, model of care, funding, staffing, partnerships, metrics, service alignment, service delivery and user experience. In total, 23 interviews were conducted (6 systems interviews, 16 OHT interviews, 1 Specialized Network).

Outcomes included a complete mapping of existing coordinated points of Access in the Central Region, a detailed presentation, and a comprehensive, sharable mapping template.

Findings were analyzed and presented to the OH Central Region MHA Access Advisory Committee to provide valuable insights and support to inform future decision-making.